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Riccardo Taccardi

Founder of WTD

Riccardo Taccardi, is the son of a Carabinieri officer, homemaker mother with an older sister, and a diploma in telecommunicationswith training in “Industrial Communication”, his first work experiences were as a pianist in various piano bars in northern Italy during the 80s, working with diverse and multiple Soul Music bands & professional songwriters.

During the same time period, he gained experience as a salesperson with the Sweda Cash Register company, to later become manager of the Italian Northeastern area in the wholesale automation office within the same company.

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Continuing to chase his desire to become an entrepreneur, he abandoned his position at Sweda and began his first own business out of his home’s cellar of only 16 sqm, and where he made his first trades with the then so-called dealers of the computer industry, directly importing the first expansion memories of 8 Kbyte, then become in the following years, one of the most popular agents in Italy that contributed to creating the entire national market of information technology.

Ufficio: via della Lontra 43 - 47923 Rimini

+39 0541 753344


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My history

Finally, in 1993 in Rimini at only 29 years of age, he opens the Worldtrade company now incorporated within the current World Trade Display™, an international leader under the WTD brand in the design and direct production of interactive displays and digital signage solutions.

To date Riccardo Taccardi, plays the significant role of President & Executive Manager within the company he created, directly following the company’s production in the Far East with several the various factories, coordinating all production companies with each other; but most of all interpreting in advance new and different market trends in the field of interactive digital signage with new projectsand display developments with the WTD brand.

The main milestones

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  2. 2022

    Innovation at the age of  COVID-19

  3. 2018

    Investiture as official supplier of Sisal Entertainment

  4. 2011

    Best European distributor of the General Touch brand

  5. 2009

    Best Entrepreneur of the year for the Game & Games magazine

  6. 2005

    Primary official distributor of the AOC brand

  7. 1999

    Best European distributor of the Procomp brand

  8. 1996

    "Italia che Lavora" award recognition

  9. 1993

    Foundation of the World Trade Display company

The major awards


  • Sisal official supplier Investiture

    18 January 2022

    The international company listed on the Milan stock exchange Sisal Entertainment Spa has chosen from 2018, after several years of active collaboration, WTD Word Trade Display as the main supplier of display&digital signage solutions for…

  • Best GeneralTouch distributor

    19 July 2011

    In 2011, when the European market also began to make massive use of interactive solutions, Riccardo Taccardi at the international level was awarded the “Best Official World Manager” award by the renowned company GeneralTouch.

  • Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2009

    30 December 2009

    The magazine Gioco & Giochi, publishing leaderin the Gaming/Entertainment industry features Riccardo Taccardi on the cover for "Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2009" for his ability to create added value to the industry with innovation…

  • AOC official primary distributor

    19 July 2005

    In 2005, Riccardo Taccardi received the "Best Italian Partner" award from the leading international Consumer Monitor manufacturer AOC Intl. Co. Ltd,placing him among the Major Players in the industrial & system Integrator segment.

  • Best Procomp European distributor

    19 July 1999

    In the period of greatest expansion of Personal Computers, that is to say in the mid-1990s, Riccardo Taccardi was awarded the "Best European Manager Procomp" award in Shanghaiin 1999 for having contributed to developing and…

  • Italian Work Prize

    18 July 1996

    For his work and commitment, in June 1996 Riccardo Taccardi received the "Italian Work Prize", an award given to Italian entrepreneursand companies that create value over time.

  • Foundation of the World Trade Display company

    19 July 1993

    After his profession of pianist, Riccardo Taccardi shifts his interest towards to the entrepreneurial career. In 1993, the year of "start-up" business, the core business of the company, then known as Worldtrade, primarily focused in…

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  • Venditalia 2022: the interview with CEO

    4 July 2022

    VendingTV's trip to Venditalia 2022 at the World Trade Display stand where Fabio Russo interviewed Riccardo Taccardi, CEO of the company. Also, this year, visitors confirmed their interest in the Venditalia 2022 event, which took…

  • Interview on Vending TV

    19 September 2018

    For WTD, Vendingcertainly represents a sector of interest given the speed with which manufacturers are able to apply advanced technological solutions to their vending machines and, among them, surely the use of interactive displays is…

  • ENADA Rimini 2014: interview Gioco News Magazine

    20 April 2014

    The Gaming & Entertainmentsector since the mid-2000s has been confirmed as one of the sectors where WTD has succeeded in penetrating the sector more thanks to its products and its particular technical specifications, always corresponding…

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Team WTD

The multidisciplinary team World Trade Display created by Riccardo Taccardi consists of professionals in the industry of interactivity, all with various and different previous experiences in the field of hardware development software, marketing, design & information technology. The world of digital signage and display has always been our work, in fact every day we search for new integrated interactive solutions with new technologies, taking advantage of our extensive experience, from both the commercial and technical sector.

Support Service Post Sale
WTD guaranteesproduct stability over time and above all a quality of cutting-edge technical assistance. WTD is also ISO9001certified.
Warehouse and Logistics
WTD offers a wide availability of products ready for delivery, processing orders in different countries in real time in 24h.
Production and Development
WTD, a leading company in the display sector, has experienced animportant development process, from marketing to designand direct production.
Planning and Design
World Trade Display create & designs directly innovative display & digital signage solutions marketed today under its own WTD brand.

My contacts

Ufficio World Trade Display
Via della Lontra, 43 - 47923 Rimini, Italia

+39 0541 753344




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